When will the construction of Portowo begin?
Construction of the Portowo residential development will begin in 2024 after selecting the General Contractor. In the first stage 11 residential buildings will be built further from the banks of the river, with 377 apartments ranging in size from 28 to 135 square meters.
The development is located on the Warta River. Will it be protected against flooding?
This area is completely safe and has been approved as an area for residential development in the Local Zoning Plan for this part of the city of Poznań. Furthermore we ordered also a detailed expert opinion on potential flooding risks which has been developed by a team of hydrologists from the University of Life Sciences in Poznań. It clearly shows that we are no flooding risks there. Such floods, which could impact Portowo or even the Old Market Square located at the same height above the sea level, have so far occurred once every 1,235 years. Currently, in the face of the global warming, desertification of Wielkopolska and therefore lowering levels of the groundwater, the risk of flooding is objectively excluded.
Moreover, from January 1, 2018 with the entry into force of the Water Law, construction in flood areas is impossible. We would not have obtained a building permit if the flood threat was real.
At earlier stages of investment planning, visualizations of very attractive waterfront facilities were shared: footbridges, piers, terraces. Why is it not currently planned to build such small waterfront architecture devices?
We are still planning an attractive arrangement of the waterfront and we treat previous visualizations as a valuable inspiration. For now, the final designs of detailed solutions in this area have not yet been developed. However, it is known that the construction of a footbridge across the Warta River is unlikely due to the high degree of legal complications and the significant cost of building such devices, which would have a direct impact on the price of apartments.
How will the waterfront be developed?
The waterfront will serve recreational purposes for both walkers and people who want to use the water. In the next stages of construction, a marina will be created for motorboats, boats, kayaks, etc.
Will there be green areas in Portowo?
Plantings of high-quality greenery are planned. In the first stage of construction approximately 100 adult trees will be planted, which is more than the compensation required by the environmental decision. Ultimately, green areas will constitute approximately 30% of the total area of ​​the estate.
What types of parking spaces are included in the design?
The project includes 356 parking spaces in halls and 45 outdoor spaces, as well as 392 bike racks.
Will there be a playground, kindergarten, health clinic and service premises in the estate?
The first stage of the development includes a large and attractive playground in the green courtyard and 9 service premises. A kindergarten and a health care facility will be built in the later stages of the development of the project.
When will apartment sales begin?
Sales are expected to begin in 2026, after the completion of the first stage apartments construction and fit-out. We sell apartments which are ready to move in from the first day after purchase. All apartments will be fully fitted out. Buyers will be able to see the apartments they are interested in and only then make a purchasing decision. We will invite potential buyers to find out whether they like, for instance, the kitchen countertop, bathroom fittings or the view from the window - which is an absolutely unattainable dream today on the Poznań housing market - and only then they will be able to pay and move into the chosen apartment the next day.
What makes the apartments offered as part of Portowo different from the offers of other developers?
Portowo residential development is located in a beautiful part of Poznań on the Warta River, blended into nature and at the same time well connected to the center of Poznań. Ultimately, it will be a self-sufficient, intimate town with all amenities and services in education, childcare, public transport, trade, sports and medical services. Facing the river, it will encourage you to be active amongst the nature.
You will be able to move into your new apartment on the first day after purchase because the apartments will be sold according to a modern concept in many Western European countries, which involves selling apartments with fully finished walls, floors, skirting boards, built-in wardrobes and a fully functional and equipped bathroom and kitchen.
Do you know what the price of the apartments will be?
Prices will be determined after the completion of each of the 4 stages of the project construction and will be based on market prices for this type of apartments. Prices will include equipment that the investor purchases at preferential prices compared to the retail offer. The offer will be more cost-effective than furnishing the apartment yourself, not to mention the cost of hiring an interior designer.
Will each apartment have a balcony?
All apartments will have balconies, terraces or little gardens.
Is the area of ​​balconies included in the dimensions of the apartment?
The balcony area is not included in the square footage. The balcony is an area intended for the exclusive use of the owner of the premises.
Will the buyer have an influence on the selection of apartment furnishing elements, e.g. fittings?
We offer our buyers accessories from valued and recognized brands and high-quality equipment elements. All these elements are delivered under negotiated contracts by carefully selected suppliers, thanks to which we can offer them to customers at attractive prices, which are reflected in the overall price of each apartment. However, we offer a choice of styles in line with the design framework for each of the offered styles.
Does the investor allow modification of the designs, including the layout of the rooms in the apartment, according to the individual wishes of the buyers?
The apartments have been designed in many variants and varied layouts, and are offered for sale only after they are fully completed. It will not be possible to make changes at the request of customers, so we encourage buyers to visit and choose existing and finished premises prior to the transaction. We will be more than happy to show the apartments to interested buyers.
What does it mean that apartments are offered in the fit-out standard?
You can move into Portowo on the first day after purchase, because the apartment is fully habitable. Terms popular in the Polish real estate market such as “pod klucz” (“turnkey") or “w standardzie dweloperskim” ("developer's standard") do not apply here.
We implement a sales model established already in many Western European countries, which involves putting into use apartments with fully finished walls, floors, skirting boards, built-in wardrobes and fully functional and equipped bathrooms and kitchens. We decide on materials from the so-called top shelf, offering them to customers at favorable prices - this is possible thanks to the scale effect we achieve for our customers.