Portowo - is a residential development designed for discerning customers

The neighbourhood is located on the Warta River, integrated with nature, and at the same time well connected with the center of Poznań. Ultimately, it will be a self-sufficient, intimate town with all amenities and services in education, childcare, public transport, trade, sports and medical services. Facing the river, it will encourage you to be active in the heart of nature.

An extensive area of almost 47 acres will easily accommodate this residential estate which will be built in stages, consisting of close to 50 nicely-laid out buildings, in which there will be nearly 1,800 flats of various sizes: from studios to five-room apartments. Those built during the first stage will be decorated in four different, unique styles – designed by experienced interior designers. Each of the apartments in the first phase will additionally be furnished with carefully selected furniture and accessories to ensure comfort for tenants - including beds, tables with chairs, sofas, and other amenities. The first phase of the Portowo housing estate construction comprises 377 apartments, the construction of which we will commence in 2024. All apartments in the first phase will be designated for rent.


residential buildings in Stage One


apartments ranging in size from 28 m2 to 135 m2 with balconies


bike racks


decoration fit-out styles


expected time for completion of Stage One apartments


acres total development area

See the map – I stage

11 buildings
377 apartments ranging in size from 28 sq m to 135 sq m with balconies
playground in the green courtyard
6,800 sq m of walking and recreational areas
9 service premises
356 parking spaces in the underground car parks and 45 outdoor spaces
392 bike racks
455 storage units

Learn more about the investment from Rafał Przybył, regional manager at Vastint Poland


Eco-friendly solutions

The urban concept of Portowo has been developed with respect for the natural…

The urban concept of Portowo has been developed with respect for the natural landscape and the environmental requirements of this exceptionally charming area. The residential buildings are lower towards the river, not blocking the view over the lush, waterside vegetation. After construction is completed, we will apply for LEED and BREEAM environmental certificates. They will confirm that Portowo meets sustainable development criteria, such as the high energy efficiency of buildings. For instance, the glass surfaces protect the interiors from overheating in the summer and prevent cooling during winter, while the facades of the buildings guarantee thermal insulation. We also achieve energy efficiency thanks to the use of LED lamps equipped with an intelligent control system. During construction, a waste segregation and recycling program will be in place. We have planned to retain a large amount of permeable surface, which helps with high water retention. A dedicated tank, integrated with an irrigation system, also protects against flooding, in case of heavy rainfall. Because we care about making Portowo green, we plan to plant around 50,000 flowering perennials, 25,000 shrubs and 500 adult trees. All buildings will be covered with green roofs, which will increase the biologically active area.

After the construction is completed, we will apply for LEED environmental certificate. It confirms that we meet the criteria of sustainable development, e.g. high energy efficiency of buildings.

Window glazing protects the interiors from overheating in the summer and excess cooling in the winter, while the facades of the buildings guarantee thermal insulation.

We also achieve energy efficiency thanks to LED lamps fitted with an intelligent control system.

A waste segregation and recycling program is in place during construction.

We make sure that a large proportion of the area facilitates high water retention. A dedicated retention tank, integrated with the irrigation system, protects against flooding in the event of heavy rainfall.

We care about green. Ultimately, we will plant 500 adult trees, 25,000 shrubs and approximately 50,000 blooming perennials.

We plan to increase the biologically active surface by greening the roofs.


Residents and their guests will have the luxury of viewing the riverside landscape…

Residents and their guests will have the luxury of viewing the riverside landscape every day, but we are also taking care of more far-reaching aesthetic impressions. We have established a partnership with Poznań artists of the young generation, and thanks to them, artistic creativity will be present in many corners of Portowo.

The River

Poznań has eventually returned to the Warta. It lies on the banks of…

Poznań has eventually returned to the Warta. It lies on the banks of a river where several hundred events take place every year: concerts, workshops, summer cinema screenings, as well as countless games and activities on the city beaches. The river landscape will be enriched by yet another place offering relaxation near the water: a public marina, constituting a natural continuation of the former river shipyard. In the later stages of the construction of the complex, the marina will establish itself in the bay surrounding the charming peninsula at the heart of Portowo.


The ancient settlements in the area of today's Starołęka came into the sphere…

The ancient settlements in the area of today's Starołęka came into the sphere of influence of Poznań in the 13th century. The most recent history of the area of Portowo is a former transshipment wharf, the remnants of which can be seen to this day, and which was established in 1881, with nearby factories in mind. Right next to it, in 1941, the Germans built a river shipyard. After the war, it served a country that was rising out of ruins. River barges called "Poznanianki" were renovated and built here, and it was here where they moored for the wintertime. The shipyard finally ceased operations in 1999 when the last vessels left it. Since then, the area of Portowo has been taken over by walkers, anglers and waterfowl.

When will the construction of Portowo begin?
Construction of the Portowo residential development will begin in 2024 after selecting the General Contractor. In the first stage 11 residential buildings will be built further from the banks of the river, with 377 apartments ranging in size from 28 to 135 square meters.
The development is located on the Warta River. Will it be protected against flooding?
This area is completely safe and has been approved as an area for residential development in the Local Zoning Plan for this part of the city of Poznań. Furthermore we ordered also a detailed expert opinion on potential flooding risks which has been developed by a team of hydrologists from the University of Life Sciences in Poznań. It clearly shows that we are no flooding risks there. Such floods, which could impact Portowo or even the Old Market Square located at the same height above the sea level, have so far occurred once every 1,235 years. Currently, in the face of the global warming, desertification of Wielkopolska and therefore lowering levels of the groundwater, the risk of flooding is objectively excluded.
Moreover, from January 1, 2018 with the entry into force of the Water Law, construction in flood areas is impossible. We would not have obtained a building permit if the flood threat was real.
At earlier stages of investment planning, visualizations of very attractive waterfront facilities were shared: footbridges, piers, terraces. Why is it not currently planned to build such small waterfront architecture devices?
We are still planning an attractive arrangement of the waterfront and we treat previous visualizations as a valuable inspiration. For now, the final designs of detailed solutions in this area have not yet been developed. However, it is known that the construction of a footbridge across the Warta River is unlikely due to the high degree of legal complications and the significant cost of building such devices, which would have a direct impact on the price of apartments.
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