What is Fit-Out?

You can move in on the first day after the purchase of your apartment, because it will be fully habitable from the moment it goes on sale. Popular terms on the Polish residential real estate market, such as “pod klucz” or “stan deweloperski” do not apply here. We successfully implement a modern concept functioning in many countries of Western Europe, in which apartments are sold after being fully finished, with walls, floors, baseboards, built-in wardrobes, fully equipped bathrooms and kitchens with key appliances, making your new home fully functional. We choose top quality materials and yet can offer them at favorable prices; this is possible due to the economy of scale we achieve for customers.

It is our role to choose the accessories, such as top end bathroom and kitchen fittings. It is also we who supervise fitting and ensure everything is done professionally. Residents receive a Quality Guarantee for all fittings. So eventually you only need to bring in your own furniture, favorite decorative pieces and personal belongings. You don’t have to worry about the choice of finishing materials, negotiate prices with specialists or oversee their work. We provide each client with a complimentary handyman service – a helping hand in hanging lamps or curtain rails. Thanks to this, moving in is a pleasant experience, and also brings real savings: there is no need to maintain two apartments, while conducting finishing work in your newly bought flat.

Finished and ready to live interiors in 4 styles
High quality materials and equipment at an affordable price
Peace and quiet from the moment you move in
Saving time and money
Move-in available on the day of purchase
Fit-out guarantee
Complimentary handyman services on site

Find out what the fit-out standard is from Joanna Kwiatkowska, marketing manager at Vastint Poland

Take a closer look at the Fit-Out

Take a closer look at the Fit-Out

01 Kitchen

IKEA Metod + fronts adapted to the style

02 Appliances

Electrolux and Whirlpool

03 Tap

Hansgrohe, Grohe or Treemme

04 Wardrobes

IKEA Pax + fronts made to order

05 Floors


01 Washbasin

Alice Ceramica / Duravit / Catalano

02 Fittings

Steinberg / Hansgrohe

04 Toilet

Duravit with Duravit toilet seat

Four Fit-Out styles

Botanical style

This style is today one of the most sought after, as modern societies strive to return to nature and seek a lifestyle based on respect for the environment. So, apartments arranged in the botanical style are dominated by textures and colors taken straight from nature. The climate of the interiors is created by subdued, natural greenery and warm shades of sandstone. They are complemented by the bright, straw colors of the oak floor, and the wardrobe surrounds with rattan doors. In the bathroom, the designers used ash furniture with a lively, rich pattern, contrasting with the natural irregularities of the marble tiles. In the kitchen, the visual effect is achieved thanks to countertops made of granite - an extremely durable and practical natural material. The discreet elegance of the interior is underlined by the organic, floral shapes of the bathroom ceramics and light fixtures. The interiors will suit people who value peace, naturalness and serenity.

Scandinavian style

A style based on aesthetics permeated with the spirit of "hygge", the love of comfort, convenience and coziness. Interiors arranged in this way help you find inner balance, a sense of security and happiness. Designers offer minimalist solutions using simplified stucco, expressive, yet soft in form skirting boards, or a solid kitchen worktop next to walls with a marble pattern below the cabinets. Black fittings, household appliances and lamps contrast with the pure white walls, the kitchen fronts and bathroom ceramics. The white is also further enlivened by the expressive colors that create mood: a joyful yellow hallway, a soothing palette of navy blue and azure in the bathroom, together with the patterned wallpaper in the living area, bringing so much Scandinavian flair into your home. A clear bond with tradition and nature is created by the light, wooden floor and the corresponding fronts of kitchen cabinets and handles. Here is an apartment that evokes joy and puts you in a good mood.

Wielkopolski style

Flats in this style feature traditional design drawing on the Bamberg culture, rooted in the Wielkopolska region since the 18th century. In Portowo we use the upmarket variant of this tradition combined with the elegant Biedermeier style. The fronts of the white wardrobes in the hall, high skirting boards, lamp shades in the kitchen, and above all golden brass fittings, sockets and switches are classic metropolitan references. The urban style is also emphasized by the colorful terrazzo in the bathroom, corresponding with the expressiveness of the dominating navy blue or yellow of the furniture and tiles. In turn, the inspiration for the colorful, striped wallpaper of the living room comes from folklore, as seen in the folk costumes, as well as for the hand crafted ceramics used in the kitchen. All this combines to provide a sense of solidity and durability, emphasized by the wooden, oak floor and a kitchen with fronts in rich colors. Such interiors will suit practical people who like tradition, classic simplicity and unpretentious, cheerful colors.

Contemporary style

The advantages of this style are simplicity and purity of form. The interiors skilfully expose space, not objects.The solutions suggest a consistent palette of neutral colors on a scale between white and black, hence the shades of gray of varying intensity in the anthracite kitchen or hallway furnishings. In the bathroom, this minimalist form is expressed by the stone-structured gray floor tiles, outlined by the black frames of the furniture, radiators and other fittings. White ceramics emphasize functionality, while the understated elegance of the apartment is brought out by a dark, wooden floor combined with copper accents - a lit mosaic on the kitchen wall, the furniture handles, the vertical line of the anthracite wall in the hall or the pattern on the shower wall. This is a perfect apartment for people who are consistent in their aesthetic choices.

Discover the full potential of your future apartment

The fit-out standard is a great basis for further furnishing of your apartment. All you have to do is add the furniture and accessories as you move in. Find inspiration in our show house apartments.

See how our customers recollect the purchase of an apartment in the fit‑out standard

Fit-out plus©

You have the opportunity to buy a fully furnished apartment

We have developed a remarkable offer for particularly discerning customers who care for high quality both of design and fittings, yet also about time. Irreconcilable? Not at all! For these customers, we have created Fit-Out Plus, providing fully ready-to-move-in flats, with all the necessary fixtures and fittings. In addition to everything you get as part of the fit-out standard, we additionally provide interior design by the best designers, and fixtures and fittings plus all movable furniture and accessories. All you have to do is invite friends over!