Would you settle in a house on the river?

With pleasure, after all, it is the best location in the city. Everybody would like to have such a view from the window. In Poznań it will be soon possible.


People, however, associate a river with an element which is difficult to tame.

It is true but every river is different. The same refers to riverside areas. Constructing on floodland is really pointless. We do not build on such land, we are using the old harbour in Starołęka and constructing buildings which will not be threatened by the river but, thanks to it, their value will increase. All of them will be founded in such a manner that their usable parts will be located above the 600-year old water level.

That is a flood which statistically may strike Poznań once every 600 years?

Exactly. Such a flood will not threaten them, a few paths will be flooded at most. We make use of the experience of Swedish architects and Dutch experts in hydrology. In both those countries life goes on by the water in a natural way. It is enough to take into account some certain factors such as levels of flood waters.


Why have you decided to choose Poznań and Portowo?

In this way we use valuable areas located on the river which are less and less common to find in Poland. We have found a plot in Poznań and made a decision to invest in it.


In this way we make the city more populated within its borders. Poznań, like Warsaw, Wrocław or Cracow, has a big problem with rapid development of the suburbs. At the same time a lot is said that within the city itself there is a lack of areas for residential buildings. And really there are few such areas but not on the Warta river. There are still a good many places here where you can offer your customers a flat.


Of course, it is not that the sides of the river should be developed with residential buildings as it happened in the past. But the Strategy for the Warta river determines which areas are worth being developed in such a way, where it is safe to construct, in what manner to do it so as advantages of the river could be accessible to everybody, not only to the residents of new housing estates. Portowo is going to provide evidence that it is possible.




What will it look like?

The lower the buildings of the housing estate will be, the closer to the river they will be located. On the river bank we are planning to construct buildings with the smallest number of storeys. Their windows will overlook the marina accessible to everyone wishing to enter it by boat. The harbour will be in a natural way linked to the main channel of the river. With high levels of the river it will be entered from two directions.

An advantage of Portowo will be its excellent communications with the remaining part of the city. It is close to a tram or bus stop, in its close vicinity there is Starołęka roundabout. Also the road system has such a capacity that it will absorb new residents and new cars. This is the advantage of constructing in the city and living in the city – the necessary infrastructure is already there. It is enough to become part of it.


Why have you decided to get involved in establishing the Strategy for the Warta river? You are a developer.

First of all, it is an interesting project which provides Poznań with a lot of opportunities, we wanted to support it. But, of course, we did not have only charity in mind. Our objective is to make money. For investors in the construction industry it is important that certain processes and phenomena can be predictable and counted in years since in such a prospect they can sometimes expect profits.


The Strategy for the Warta River provides for us such an opportunity in exchange for guaranteeing us and also the city such predictability. It is enough to open this document and see what the city may look like in 2030. Developing the strategy also provides a chance that the potential of the Warta in Poznań will grow and so will the value of our investments. Because I am certain that we will be followed by subsequent investors interested in the potential which is hidden in the river. Thanks to the Strategy, the Warta and its surroundings may become a valuable space. We would like to take part in this process.